What to wear:

-Think about coordinating colors rather than wearing the same color. Colors that compliment each other are a more modern look rather than everyone simply wearing the same color. Plus it gives a chance for each family member to show their personality.

-Remember to accessorize, it is another way to add pops of color and texture!

-Stay away from clothes with busy patterns or anything that takes away from your facial expression and interactions.

-For women, makeup should be slightly heavier than usual. We want a nice finished look that accentuates your best features.



What to bring:

-If you want to have more than one look for your photos you are welcome to bring a change of clothes. Please let me know so I may plan accordingly.

-For kids, make sure to bring their favorite snacks and water, to help keep them going. This comes in handy when trying to keep them motivated and when we really need to get that one shot.

-For kids, feel free to bring props such as favorite stuffed animal or toy.

-If you’d like to bring the family dog to your session you are more than welcome to! Just bring a sitter along so that we can do photos with and without him.




 -If you have a certain shot or shots that you saw on instagram or pinterest please show me.  I don’t replicate those images but they will show me your style and taste and usually end up being something fun that I hadn’t thought of before!

- Find what makes your kids laugh or what works to get a genuine smile. Is there a fun song your little one loves or something that makes your kids crack up?

-Relax and have fun! The best photos are those were genuine interaction is occurring. The smiles and laugher are real and everyone is enjoying themselves.

-A good photo does not always involve looking at the camera. Try to be yourself and act natural. Let me worry about the rest.

-Follow me on instagram. I not only share business related photos here but also personal photos from my life. I hope that in doing so you will feel closer to me and therefore more comfortable in front of me and the camera.